Page Booth

Page Booth is an easy to use website screenshot tool. It creates full page images of any website and stores it in the Page Booth library. All snapshots can be exported to jpeg, png and tiff image formats. 

Our flag ship product is now available in version 2.0. Responsive view modes  are now build in – switch to popular mobile device views with just one click. Sandbox-aware support for local websites (file:// URLs)  is not only available, but will boost your productivity. With Quicklook/Preview integration, your can browse your Page Booth library super easily. The latest version of page booth combines a streamlined user experience with completely reworked art work.

Page Booth is perfect for all web designers and developers who need to show complete pages to colleagues and customers upfront or who simply want to take snapshots of the evolution of a page design. 

Page Booth is also perfect for people who like to collect different web pages for inspiration and store them for later – the integrated Page Booth library makes it easy to browse and even return to a page later on.